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Giving Back!

Fold a crane and help make a dream come true!




We are based on the ancient Japanese legend of Senbazuru, where it is believed if you fold 1,000 origami cranes your dream will come true.

Our waitresses will teach you how to fold origami cranes. Every time Skyline Sushi gathers 100 origami cranes it makes a person in needs dream come true.

The 1st dream we made come true, was a young girl’s university tuition fee from the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash.

The 2nd dream we made come true was Abdo Nasseifs’ Art exhibition! This remarkable young man began painting after he lost his arm in a car accident 5 years ago. The opening was on the 10th of Feb 2018 at Skyline Sushi and the exhibition ran for 2 weeks.

The 3rd dream we made come true was a mothers day bazaar held on the 12th of March 2018. Where 90 local producers of handmade items, were provided with the space needed to sell their products directly to their target audience.


Hosting an amazing origami art exhibition entitled “Paper Makes Magic” featuring Faisal Isleem was the 4th dream Skyline Sushi made come true. Faisal is a 26 year old Jordanian with a genetic disease that has caused him disfiguration in his fingers and a hearing impairment among other things. However he has the ability to fold very complex shapes using over 60 pieces of paper and design beautiful jewelry using the art of quilling. The exhibition was a lifelong dream of his.

Along with Faisal, three otherpaper artists also showcased their creations; Alia Al Shouli, Farah Al Shami and Mustafa Helweh.

The Exhibition ran from the 28th of April until the 12th of May.

@Skyline Sushi, The Landmark Amman Hotel


So stop by, learn a new skill and help some one less fortunate.








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Enjoy our delicious sushi while overlooking Amman!

We will also teach you how to fold origami cranes, and you can help make dreams come true!

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We are located on the top floor of the Landmark Hotel Amman

Al Shareef Hussein St,

Between Shmeisani and the 3rd circle in Amman

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